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FSB Exhibition - Cologne, Germany October 2015

Compared to the previous years, COURTSOL has changed completely the configuration and the rendering of its stand. With a professional design and a more targeted message, COUTSOL had the commitment to rise to such a major event! Because our advertising banner was noticeable even from the entrance in the hall, all our partners were able to find their way to our stand easily and visit us.

We have focused on three main themes such as historical sport disciplines (tennis, basketball, volleyball…), ROLLER and CYCLING, everything completed by a video showing how our systems are being applied as well as various carried out project pictures.

Finally, this new edition allowed us to launch our two brand new systems:

   -  COURTSOL CONFORT PLUS certified EN 14877 ( synthetic surfaces for Outdoor sports area)

   -  COURTSOL SPORT’IN ACRY certified EN 14904 (Indoor surfaces for multi-sports use)

(an alternative to those systems made, until today, out of polyurethane). The new released projects aroused great interest among all our visitors.

COURTSOL has an exciting start for 2016: innovations and new partners!


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